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The new bag brand, Tototè.Studio, has just joined our Staiy community! They believe that responsibility can be integrated circle round.

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez



Tototè.Studio is a Dutch and ethical brand that designs according to the three pillars “upcycled, ethical, and local design”. Launched in September 2020, they already expanded their market in Europe: their products are available in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Brussels. By producing mainly upcycled or recycled materials, Tototè.Studio strives to minimize the need for producing new materials or fabrics and maximize the use of all already at our disposal. The brand offers minimalistic and fresh, colorful leather bags for the mid-to-high segment, which are all designed through the brand’s core value: to integrate sustainability and social responsibility throughout the entire chain, putting people and the planet first. 

The name of the brand has an intriguing origin. Tototè.Studio comes from “to tote” ( to/təʊt/ ) which means “carrying, wield or convey” something that is considered important. The accent grave on the “e” (= tototè) simply refers to the name of the bag brand’s founder – Laurèl. The extension with “Studio” has a modern undertone and represents design-thinking through art, architecture, and interior. Therefore, the brand doesn’t exclude a broader product range in the future, which will eventually benefit its name.

“I seized this opportunity and it was clear from the beginning that I wanted to follow the path of sustainable development and social responsibility”

Bodenhorst Meyer

Laurèl Bodenhorst Meyer, the founder of the Dutch label, chose her professional path for a big and inspirational reason. In addition to her extensive experience within the fashion industry, the issue of sustainability has always played a crucial role for her. After successfully graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion University and obtaining

her Master’s degree from the Italian Fashion University Polimoda, she came up with the idea to use her creativity as a means of empowerment to be able to redirect “bad” into “good”. “I seized this opportunity and it was clear from the beginning that I wanted to follow the path of sustainable development and social responsibility,” says Bodenhorst Meyer.

Tototè.Studio approaches sustainability and social responsibility from a humanitarian and environmental perspective in an industry where there are often issues that either do not exist or are not at all public. All bags are manufactured in collaboration with Makers Unite, working together with Dutch Newcomers originating from over 21 countries worldwide, from Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, and many more. Makers Unite supports the creative talent of newcomers by providing them with training programs to develop soft and hard skills, to work independently in the Netherlands.

As they reflect on their plans for the near future, the brand notes that they are committed to produce designs that differ from what is already available on the market. For instance, their laptop cases can be a starting point in the implementation of the conceived plan. Indeed, despite the abundance of goods on the modern market, there is still a lack of fashionable yet sustainable laptop cases, ones that are made according to the latest sustainable metrics and of high-quality, durable material. Besides, the brand is currently working on an education concept that will help to expand knowledge among a large group of like-minded individuals whose values align with the brand’s long-term goals. “I can’t share more at this moment, but can just mention that it will be an important step for the Tototè.Studio”, shares the brand’s founder. Additionally, the Dutch label would like to expand its product range as well as boost its visibility on the global market. 

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