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Vitamin C’s powerful benefits are generally well known, and continue to grow as the craze across the beauty industry over recent years. The benefits this precious nutrient can bring to our skin are tangible and immediate. In this article, we introduce to you the best ally for your daily glow and suggest some trending products.

Words By Alice Cavicchia


Introducing the special guest

Vitamin C (C6H8O6) is water-soluble vitamin found in plants; especially fruits and leafy vegetables, or can be made synthetically. It is commonly known as the greatest ally of sailors during long trips across oceans. In between the sixteenth and the nineteenth century, many seamen’s lives were saved by loading up the boat pantries with citrus fruit to prevent scurvy, an ugly disease that first led to skin deterioration. Ascorbic acid, one of the more stable forms of Vitamin C, is nowadays a consistent active ingredient in many sensational beauty products.

The benefits of including Vitamin C in your beauty routine are numerous and multidimensional, and can be applied through various channels; from incorporating into your diet, to employing vitamin-based products, which many brands currently focus attention on. You can load up on your daily vitamin C dose by consuming citrus fruits, as well as other foods including apples, asparagus, berries, broccoli, cabbage, melon, cauliflower, kiwi, fortified breads, grains, and cereal, dark leafy greens, peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes.

A trending vitamin

Vitamin C has by no doubt become a trending ingredient across the beauty industry. Firms such as Avon have dedicated a whole collection and marketing campaign around Ascorbic Acid: yes, the Anew Campaign. Avon, indeed, has been the first ever mass-brand to stabilise Vitamin C during the nineties and leverages its disruptive innovation capabilities as a core value in its corporate strategy and a way to tap into a new, niche market.

Avon has made commitment to being environmentally mindful with their business and act on this through various standpoints. By ensuring the sustainable sourcing of palm oil derivatives employed through its processes, Avon commits to the usage of recycled paper in the totality of its operations, is working towards fully green packaging and strives to reduce carbon emissions (with a 53% GHG emissions reduction in 2020 compared to 2005) and water use (38% reduction in 2020 compared to 2005). Overall, their global recycle rate is currently 93.4% of their total waste produced.

Avon Anew Vitamin C radiance maximising serum

Avon Anew Vitamin C radiance maximising serum

Patricia Wexler, a board-certified dermatologist, recently interviewed by Allure Magazine explained; “Because of its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C aids in your skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells.” Our skin can better fight back daily aggressors such as air pollution and UV-rays taking advantage of the free-radicals neutralizing capabilities which are intrinsic in vitamin C. There is empirical evidence that introducing more of this nutrient in your diet will boost your lungs’ health.

What’s more, this wondrous nutrient is also a key component in collagen synthesis, which is key to keeping your skin healthy and to preserve its structure. Additionally, empirical studies have provided evidence that Vitamin C is great for hydrating and healing, making it a fundamental go-to for all those suffering from dry skin!

Largely employed across the skincare industry in daily-face serums, it can be applied once or twice a day to boost skin health and give you a healthy natural glow.

As our understanding of natural vitamins and active ingredients evolves, it is clear many have amazing benefits that are still to be fully realised. It is important we educate ourselves as society on natural products and understand their properties in order to fully appreciate the cruciality of the environment and its preservation.