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Today in our lens a French knitwear Maison Vitos 1925. Their new autumn/winter collection explores the strength of simplistic shapes that speak to discretion and is based on uncompromising quality. Staiy invites you to take a sneak peek!

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez

January, 22nd 2021

The Vitos 1925 history is rich in family heritage, with its unique expertise passed down from generation to generation. The first factory with the production of stockings was established by Leon Vitoux in Troyes in the 1920s. The brand was officially registered in 1925, and two decades later diversified to knitwear. The fifth-generation takes over the centennial brand allowing it to knit a new chapter. Valerie Toyomura-Provot, designer and knitwear connoisseur simply fell in love with knitting a long time ago, which prompted her to revamp the Vito 1925 Maison in 2018 and become its founder. She wanted to express her tastes in women’s fashion, showing knitting points and reusing some of the brand’s designs from the 1960s and 1970s. Under her impulse, the knitwear Maison revisits its iconic and reinvents knitwear classics with timeless perspective and subtle attitudes thanks to knitting constructions and the best natural yarns.

Demonstrating the utmost respect for people, the Vitos’ clothes are ethically manufactured in France and Italy with the highest quality materials, such as natural and noble yarns, all whilst supporting the emancipation of women. Their collections combine subtlety and timelessness to create an irreverent, classic style.

“I only create clothes that I would like to wear myself”


At Vitos 1925 they have the highest attention for craftsmanship and prefer to avoid throwing old materials away, like most cut & sewn knitwear companies do. By selecting exclusively natural yarns from long-established Swiss and Italian spinners, French Maison’s founder shares a prevailing love for fashion with a personality that is creative, timeless, feminine, and with high quality above all. “I only create clothes that I would like to wear myself”, says Valerie, emphasizing that all of their collections are versatile, fully fashioned pieces that combine softness, lightness, and warmth. Most of the garments are made from regenerated cashmere, a circular and sustainable process Made in Italy, or from pure and soft cotton, angora, or merino wool, naturally biodegradable and extremely durable.

“It is important to understand that fast-fashion creates useless demand because of the calendar of new releases and low prices”

The label’s commitment to sustainability outlines its ultimate goal: to empower customers to buy fewer but better items that can last years. “It is important to understand that fast-fashion creates useless demand because of the calendar of new releases and low prices. It stimulates customers’ desire of ‘buying new things’ and ‘owning more and more’ clothes that at the end will not be worn often or will not be in their wardrobes long due to bad quality and getting easily outdated”, explains Valerie. The dedication to slow-fashion means that all the goods at French Maison are designed and manufactured with greater care and high-quality materials, so that they will carry on wearing for years or even decades to come.