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WA:IT is a sustainable cosmetic brand that brings a concept of natural beauty through rituals. Putting skincare at the top of its priority, the brand offers natural products ready to be part of your personal ritual. 

Words By Mayra Quispe Trejo


Finding beauty in life: two perspectives

WA:IT comes from ‘WA’ which in Japanese means peace and harmony and ‘IT’ refers to the Italian culture of finding beauty in simple things in life. WA:IT is thus a symbiosis of two cultures – Japanese and Italian, an embodiment of a duality of beauty. From the Italian side, beauty is about life and warmth. It blooms and flourishes like all living beings during summer. There is a feeling of joy when sitting by the stunning Italian seasides watching nature gaining force and energy to start the creation process. On the other hand, the Japanese side cherishes things because they cannot last. Just as in nature, seasons change, something is awakened, and something falls asleep. Two different but complementary views to see beauty in life. Life when it starts, full of colors and movement, and finding beauty when life is quiet.

“You have to WA:IT and comprehend that eternal beauty is in the moment”

The love for our environment at the core

One of WA:IT pillars is the love for mother earth, which is why they created a carbon-negative beauty brand. Through a collaboration with VOIZ, Cornell Sustainability Consultants at Cornell University, and Soil Value Exchange, WA:IT is the first European Beauty brand to achieve Net Carbon Negative status in 2021.
WA:IT is purchasing soil carbon storage from Soil Value Exchange, a carbon removal provider that helps to thrive in a carbon-constrained world by including healthy soils as part of their portfolio of climate change solutions. WA:IT‘s soil carbon storage credits are provided by regenerative farmers and ranchers in Soil Value Exchange’s network who are restoring healthy soils on ranchlands in Texas and throughout the US. Moreover,  WA:IT uses natural, vegan, and cruelty-free components to create its products. Packing is also sustainable, as all are recycled biodegradable, and have FSC certification. 

Rituality as a distinctive element

Raffaella, the founder of WA:IT, affirms that being fully aware of what you are doing is a ritual. She learned from Japanese culture the importance of enjoying every moment: being present. For her, one of the most beautiful ways of rituals is taking care of ourselves every day. For that, WA:IT has created a 4 phases daily routine:

The Breath: HITO

Hito is a natural fragrance, ideal to start your day with a fresh and soft smell of Sicilian citruses, yuzu, izumi black tea, and cherry tree essences. For WA:IT, this perfume is the expression of the soul, it is a melody composed of aromatic notes, blended harmoniously to elevate the spirit and free the mind; it promotes a meditative state and raises the vital tone. Spray Hito on areas of your body where you smell it at any time when you need to make a pause. Start your day with Hito, feel free, natural, and positive!

The Preparation: ANTE

This body scrub cleanses, lightly exfoliates the skin, and enhances blood circulation. Ante is made of natural components such as Tsubaki seed oil that contains Vitamin A and E and has regenerative properties, sunflower seed oil, a natural antioxidant, and macadamia, which helps to reduce skin itchiness and redness. Treat your skin with kindness and love, let Ante help you!

The Purification: OFURO

Ofuro is a cleansing balm that purifies the skin from pollution and other contaminating factors collected during the day. It contains Yuzu extract, known for its soothing, clarifying, and antibacterial effect. Apply Ofuro with circular and gentle movements on dry skin, then rinse it with water. Liberate your skin and purify your skin with Ofuro!

The Hydration: B-SOFFICE

It is a moisturizing butter that smoothens the body skin. This beneficial butter is particularly suitable for skin that tends toward dryness. The cream is enriched with Tsubaki extract that restores the skin quickly to its former glory. Apply B-Soffice after showering, bathing, or sunbathing. Massage all over your body in circular movements for complete skin nourishment. Enjoy a moment of smoothness after a long day with B-soffice.

The Glow: OMNI

OMNIis a multi-purpose oil obtained from a blend of precious cold-pressed Japanese oils. It has a balancing, soothing, calming, antioxidant action and is suitable for all skin types. This fast-absorbing and nongreasy oil nourishes deeply and favors cell regeneration. Get ready to give your skin a dose of natural glow!