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Creating premium quality vegan shoes, NAE’s philosophy is rooted in No Animal Exploitation with a focus on using all-natural and eco-conscious materials. This ethical Portuguese brand designs its shoes with ultimate style and comfort in mind.

Words By Srishti Narang

November, 20th 2020

NAE is a Portuguese vegan footwear brand that started its journey twelve years ago with a vision of creating ethical and ecologically friendly footwear. Producing their shoes solely in certified factories in Portugal, their shoes reflect the highest quality. NAE entered the market to offer consumers an alternative option to leather shoes, and they do not disappoint! Here is a selection of some of their innovative materials.

Made entirely from pineapple leaf fibres, this natural fabric is incredibly durable. In general circumstances, the leaves are thrown away but with modern technology and creative minds, we are shown how to make the best of the waste.

Organic Cotton
Due to the major threat to the world’s water supply, NAE uses organic cotton which, unlike regular cotton, is grown without the use of chemicals and is irrigated using 80% rainwater.

With a negative carbon footprint, cork is the material dreams are made of for any sustainable manufacture. What’s more, this material is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and soft to touch.

Recycled PET
Doing their bit to prevent the depletion of natural resources, NAE uses recycled plastic to create a strong yet lightweight material for their shoes.

Vegan Leather
To create their vegan leather, NAE uses a special blend of microfibers, including cotton, polyester and nylon, all of which are recycled when possible.


Saving the lives of billions of animals every year, NAE’s vegan shoes offer a glimmer of hope in the industry, showing brands that they can produce sensational, high-quality fashion and still be kind to the planet.