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This piece marks the 400th article published on StaiyEdit. To mark this occasion let us take you back to our humble beginnings and tell you all about our purpose, our drive, and our mission as a sustainability magazine. 

Words By Dina Abedini Niknam 


StaiyEdit is the child of As the company was slowly yet steadily growing, our repertoire of partner brands was growing with us. This exposed us to an array of amazing designers and founders who showcased exceptional products and exemplary sustainable practices. Behind every great brand are great people and we were lucky enough to establish connections with and learn their stories. It was only natural that we felt the need to create an outlet to share these stories with the rest of the world. We wanted to create a community between the brands on the Staiy platform and the customer. This aligned with our ambitions of Staiy being your go to destination for all things sustainability, not just a marketplace. Those ambitions combined lead us to StaiyEdit

In the words of our founders, StaiyEdit is “a place where customers can come to learn about what it means to live the lifestyle of the future”. Our aim was threefold: we wanted to share the stories of our partners; we wanted to share new sustainable innovations; and we wanted to share tips and inspire you. A lot of hours of hard work later, our vision became a reality. Very quickly we transformed our platform to a multifaceted one. Through our three article categories; Reporter, Curated by Staiy, and Editorial & Cover Stories we are able to address all of our aims.

StaiyEdit categories offer a neat way to find your way around the magazine. Through our Reporter articles, we help our community discover new brands. Check them out to be the first to learn about new collection drops or new brands joining our Staiy platform. Through our Cover Stories we share the amazing stories of impactful and inspiring change-drivers in the industry. Head over to this section to find out the journeys your favourite brands took to get to where they are. Through our Editorials we cover all the latest innovations and news in the sustainability world so that you don’t miss out on the new technology. Lastly, through our Curated articles we get to share our personal advice and tips and tricks with our community.

This article marks a milestone for us. The magazine is now filled with 400 contributions from all kinds of voices from all over the world, with one thing uniting us, the love and passion for sustainability. I would like to extend a sincere thank you from the Staiy founders and myself to all our contributors, past and present, as well as our amazing Staiy Community who have been following us, supporting us, and reading our articles! This milestone would not have been possible without all of you. StaiyEdit: 400 and counting.