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Fall season is upon us, and you need the right accessories to get a new style for the occasion and match the warm colors of the tree leaves. Fortunately, we have selected for you the perfect accessories to enter the fall season in style! 

Words By Sophie Badaoui 


As a wise woman named Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Staiy firmly believes in that quote, and in the context of getting ready for the fall season, dares to add: “Give a girl the right accessories and she can conquer the Fall”. Indeed, Staiy has once again curated a selection of accessories which will, just like the autumn wind, blow you away.


A bag is your ultimate best friend in the fashion world, as it always stands by your side and carries all your belongings for you, wherever you are. So let us start with this fabulous accessory, which will contain all of your other fabulous accessories. The Billow Quilted Wavy bag from HVISK is one of our personal favorites for this season. Made with 100% polyester by a PETA certified vegan fashion brand in Copenhagen, this bag matches perfectly with the season’s colors in a distinctive mushroom color. This handle bag is not only fashionable but extremely practical too, as its interior constitutes one large compartment with three small inner pockets, ideal to put in your glasses, wallet or smartphone.


An accessory that is absolutely necessary to carry, especially in big and lively cities, is your wallet. But sometimes, we might feel like it is too small to carry all our personal cards, cash, pictures, and lucky charms. The Very Big Wallet by OBOYI is thus the perfect solution! Handmade in Milano, Italy, this item is made of one single piece of leather, just like all the wallets from this brand. In fact, this accessory is hand-cut, folded and hand-stitched with 100% waxed cotton thread, for the main purpose of having different compartments for your cards, coins, banknotes, and other documents. Aligning with the spirit of the colors’ upcoming season, this item is available in orange and grapefruit. Whatever color you pick, you can be certain that this wallet will be a game changer.


The fall season is the time where we tend to unconsciously return to a more serious vibe, as all the schools start and new jobs are rising. But who said you can’t rock a serious style while still portraying a fun spirit at heart? The Soder Oak eyeglasses from JOPLINS is the ultimate answer! As they promote an anti-plastic consumption, these glasses are made of oak wood and give an authentic vintage look to add a cool edge to your autumn style. What is more, they automatically come with anti-blue light lenses, to protect your eyes against the impact of your computer screen as you work for hours on your new projects.


Even if the Fall season calls for chill weather, warm blankets and a grey sky, some days bless us with intense rays of sunshine. Those are the fall days during which you seriously think your city’s weather is completely bipolar. Do not worry, every city has its existential crisis. What is important is to be ready for whatever color the sky decides to wear that day. Staiy has therefore selected the Rocky Unisex Cap from KOMODO to protect you from UV radiations during a sunny day, as well as from the cold breeze during a windy, typical autumn day. Naturally, the Khaki color of this item matches perfectly with this season’s color, to keep you in the right vibe. Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, this vegan cap is the perfect cherry on top of a trendy yet casual look.


Finally, let us not forget jewellery! For this fall season, Staiy has selected the Concha Bracelet in gold from THE CANO SHOE to detail your outfit in the most discreet, delicate and sophisticated way. Even if the design already gives it away, concha in spanish means seashell, and while it is true that we are preparing for the fall season, we thought that you might want to have a little souvenir from your best summer days to keep a bit of that tropical spirit with you during the colder, harder days. Just as a little flame that is immune to the cold, this bracelet will instantly warm your soul and pass the seasons without ever losing its energy. Co-designed by THE CANO SHOE and Valentina Huete, a young mexican artisan, this beachy treasure is handcrafted with upcycled brass and is gold-plated three times with 14k gold, which enhances smoothness and gives a long-lasting shine to this gem’s surface. 


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