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Top 6 product recommendations to keep with you this season and possibly every other season.

Words By Sohila Ahmed


Many of us are starting to get back to our normal lives, as we try to regain control over the corona situation and as the weather is getting warmer. For this occasion, Staiy presents some of the top items that should accompany you this season.

First off, Selecting the Proper Bag

  1. Staiy recommends: HVISK, BRINY STRUCTURED BLACK 

The soft vegan leather HVISK bag is ideal for any occasion, and versatile enough that you won’t need to think twice before combining it with your favourite outfits. It has enough space to fit a 13” laptop and features an inner zipped compartment, for all your small valuables. For added convenience, the shoulder strap is adjustable and the top zipper will keep your items safe inside. Whether you’re going back to the office or meeting up with some friends for lunch, the HVISK bag will comfortably be by your side.

Cards and Loose Cash

2. Staiy recommends: HVISK, MULTI CROCO 

This vegan cardholder is a life-saver if you feel like leaving the house light, as it will fit right into your pocket. You can use it to store some cash and your ID card while going for a stroll in the park. However, you can still keep it in your bag instead of a bulky wallet. It is super chic with a multi coloured crocodile leather pattern. 

HVISK is a PETA certified vegan brand since 2019 and is continuously trying to improve their production and business processes to become more environmentally conscious and transparent.

Throw On Some Literal Shades

3. Staiy recommends: Joplins, Ganoa Sunglasses 

The amber-brown tortoise patterned sunglasses will guarantee your eyes’ safety with the maximum UV protection, 4 layers of UV400. The shades also feature 2 layers of both shock and scratch resistant, which will let you enjoy these sunglasses for the summer and many more to come. The main polarized layer will also reduce eye fatigue and prevent possible headaches. Wearing the Ganoa will let you enjoy even the sunniest summer days. If you still need convincing, the shades are made from bio-based acetate and walnut wood. In addition, Joplins’ sunglasses are all FAIR TRADED, and FSC and FDA certified.

Treat Your Skin

4 – 5. Staiy recommends: Mademoiselle Kelapa, Face Cream & URANG, SOS Multibalm 

Owing to the harsh summer heat, your skin may need to be hydrated more than usual. Kelapa’s cocoa and shea butter infused face cream will be your go-to to keep your skin healthy and glowing all year. The cream is coconut-oil based and quickly acts on moisturising your face and reducing wrinkles or signs of aging. The cream comes in a petite package that enables you to take it wherever you go. Mademoiselle Kelapa ensures all products are made from natural ingredients without any chemicals. 

Another alternative is URANG’s calendula and tamanu oils Multibalm. It is ideal for dry and damaged skin and, as the name suggests, suitable for almost anything. You can use it as a lip balm to prevent or soothe chapped lips, for eye area, elbows, and to soothe scars or rashes. It is also ideal for ankles; we all experienced the pain of walking a bit too much in a new pair of shoes, so some moisturization will go a long way. The antioxidant rich tamanu oil helps absorb UV rays, and regenerates stressed, damaged or scarred skin using its anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula oil also helps soothe and heal the skin. This deep moisturizer and hydrating multi-balm will surely be your best friend any time of the year. Its compact size also makes it super convenient.

You Deserve Love

6. Staiy recommends: Teas & Trees, Love Herbal Tea 

One final product on this list is the dainty and cute organic herbal tea, “Love”. Happiness does come in small packages, this 20g dittany tea heals everything from sore throats to period cramps and even helps at child birth. Dittany is a famous herb used by locals in ancient Crete and was named Erodas, which translates to youthful love. The small enough tea packaging makes it super convenient when you need a natural remedy on the go, or when you simply just need some tea. All of Teas & Trees products are bio and ethically sourced.

Of course, aside from these six products, don’t forget to keep your sanitizer and mask handy, and most of all, stay safe as we navigate these unpredictable times.

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