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November, 16th 2020

At Staiy, we believe that sustainability must be achieved through a holistic approach, and this includes aesthetic expression. Our first virtual exhibition seeks to combine several objectives clearly aligned with our values ​​and our mission as a company: educating our community, addressing environmental challenges, and promoting sustainable artists. Welcome to Staiy Atelier.

Words By José M. Sainz-Maza

Staiy was born as a sustainable fashion marketplace where technological innovation and ecological awareness go hand in hand. However, the project has since expanded beyond that. Encapsulating all that Staiy stands for into the sphere of fashion did not reflect everything we want to achieve and our vision for a conscious lifestyle. So we evolved. We have become a natural movement, a logical – almost organic – process. Over the last few months, designers, entrepreneurs, activists, and also artists, have joined our community of partners and advisors to help us on our mission.

Staiy Atelier is a space for discussion and reflection with artists born from the almost symbiotic relationship between culture and creativity, between art and fashion. Through Staiy Edit and our extensive social networks, we have been conducting interviews with creatives from all walks of life, constantly seeking synergistic alliances to enhance creativity around topics related to our ethical principles. Our goal is to encourage positive public discussions on ecology within the art world, and the way to achieve this is by building a vibrant, inclusive, and empowering art community that accommodates our customers, employees, and for-profit and non-for-profit partners. What better way to shape this community than through collaborative events?

Our first exhibition at Staiy Atelier serves this need, presenting a diverse selection of artworks structured around the question: “What do you know about sustainability?” Through their pieces, artists address this from a personal perspective. Nissreen Najjar, Lisa Borgiani, Marco Loi, and Sam Dougados are just a handful of the names from our growing network who will take part in this initiative, exhibiting works of photography, sculpture, painting, land art and music, as well as documentaries, furniture pieces and various installations. We propose an eclectic exhibition that reflects the impact of climate change and the environmental challenge on contemporary cultural production, and the need to seek original ways of dealing with these well-known topics as individuals and members of society.

In addition to being aesthetically delightful, Staiy Atelier seeks to offer a safe and accessible space where people can educate themselves. For this reason, the exhibition will be virtual, taking place in a dedicated section on the Artsteps app, an art platform where it will remain open for six months. The app allows visitors to experience the exhibition in two different formats: as a guided tour or as an individual visit to explore it at their own pace. Using virtual reality also allows us to guarantee total compliance with the current security requirements in place due to the pandemic. Most importantly, though, harnessing technology is an integral part of Staiy’s commitment to dissolving barriers between contemporary art and people from all over the world, regardless of their background or circumstances.

The exhibition’s opening date will be announced very soon across our various communication channels on social media and in Staiy Edit. Stay tuned to join us in this new adventure towards the lifestyle of the future.