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January, 11th 2021

Born from a love for wine and a passionate devotion to nature and beauty, IUVA cosmetics is an example of what a circular economy should look like. For some it is agricultural waste, but to IUVA, their precious pomace is an elixir of youth. 

Words By Dina Abedini Niknam

Gabriele and Lorenza have their differences; the former runs his very own winery in Monferrato, Piedmont in Italy, while the latter works in enochemisty. What unites the two young winemakers is a passion for nature and their belief in the potential of pomace to benefit the skin. The pair also shared the desire to promote the reusing of waste materials. Combining both their similarities and differences is what brought them to launch IUVA.

IUVA is a luxury beauty and cosmetics brand cultivated from the vineyards of Italy. The main active ingredient in the IUVA face cream comes from the pomace that was grown on their very own land, carefully harvested by hand, and undergone a rigorous quality and selection process. This results in a high quality natural product that has beneficial anti-aging properties. 


The name, IUVA, comes from a mix of Latin and Italian. Gabriele and Lorenza were brainstorming a name that would relate to the Italian uva, vino, or vinacce, meaning grape, wine, and pomace respectively. They realised that in Latin iuvo, iuvas meant “to benefit, to be useful, pleasant”. The pair found that this meaning was in alignment with their own values and, as a bonus, was very similar to the Italian uva, and so IUVA was born.

The brand’s main goal is to encourage people to rethink the relationship we have towards agricultural waste materials. They wanted to create a circular economy. IUVA grows their own grapes, which are made into wine, then uses the leftover pomace to produce its cosmetics. This pomace is otherwise regarded as a waste byproduct that would be discarded. Everything is done locally, even the manufacturer that processes the pomace “is just 50 Kilometers from” IUVA’s fields. 

The italian company believes it is necessary to take a step back to a time when cosmetics used natural ingredients and were not heavily manipulated. They are trying to take “a step towards smart and clean cosmetics”. That is why their biggest struggle was finding a manufacturer that shared their values. IUVA prioritises respecting the Earth’s resources as well as the ethical principles of circular economy. It was vital to them to find a manufacturer that would uphold their vision of minimising waste and their impact on the environment.

IUVA stands for a social, economic, and environmental equilibrium. Their cosmetics come in a glass container with a wooden lid, bringing down their plastic usage. The products are also delivered in recycled carton boxes filled with biodegradable packaging chips. The tilted dot over the i on IUVA’s packaging is a playful reference towards the face of the brand: the pomace.

Two new products are in the works at IUVA, both meant to join the existing cream, Crema viso anti-età ai polifenoli estratti da vinacce di uva Barbera, in their anti-aging line. The cosmetics company’s vision for the future is to complete the anti-aging line and start targeting other skin needs. IUVA hopes for a continued growth in interest for sustainability in the industry as they think “it is the right time to promote a clean and transparent way of communication and [to] be aware [of] what’s behind the scenes”. 



As we’ve heard at the October 29, 2020 Staiy Webinar, “sustainability consultant, Olivia Sprinkel, emphasized the importance of transparency when communicating to stakeholders”. Communicating sustainability efforts is important to Staiy, as it is one of the best ways to stand out amongst the greenwashers. This in turn helps the consumer better evaluate brands and make conscious, ethical decisions.