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Great news! Womsh, a sustainable brand Made in Italy, has officially joined our Staiy community with its new Fall/Winter 2021 sustainable sneakers collection, which shows an even stronger commitment to expanding the range of vegan footwear. 

Words By Daria Müller Velasquez



Since launching the company back in 2014, Womsh has always had a clear mission: to be a good company for the world and to try to attract and inspire consumers to act, because even one little gesture can produce amazing results. In fact, the company’s slogan “Choose the Change” is the message that helps customers make conscious choices about products that are sustainable and beneficial to the Planet. Thus, buying a vegan pair of shoes becomes not only a pleasure for the buyer but also an ethical decision that is critical both for our own future and for the future of the next generations.

Womsh creates ethical, sustainable footwear while respecting employees, suppliers and consumers, but also the Planet. It is not only about making sneakers, but also about conveying a message and creating a network that can help people understand the value and importance of a more conscious lifestyle. This is why Womsh was committed to transparent and effective communication last season. Thus, each shoe now has a QR code that provides access to the Blockchain system detailing and certifying every action, initiative, material and supplier associated with a product, in full compliance with social and environmental standards.


Building on the success achieved with the Hyper collection, which was unveiled last spring/summer, the idea for the new collection is to reimagine vintage shoes using basketball clothing seen in the largest metropolitan areas and big cities. The new unisex collection named Super is the perfect choice for those looking for comfort combined with a trendy look with contrasting colors and materials: each pair has simple shapes and more contrasting colors both on the upper side of the sneakers and on their soles. The color palette has also been updated, and now it includes nude colors which help to emphasize the concept of gender inclusiveness.

The new collection consists of eight models, which can be divided into two major areas. The first section focuses on heritage, featuring collections such as Concept, Snik, Kingston, Wave, Hyper, and Super, all with more minimalist, understated, and timeless designs. The second section, Lab with Futura and Runny, is dedicated to innovation, new unique materials, modern technologies, and ergonomics. 

In addition to sneakers, the footwear category in this collection has also been significantly expanded: the Moon and Loop, launched last season by FW, have not changed in design, but are now available in a much wider range of colors, as well as an entirely new model. The classic Chelsea Jump booties have a sleek, trendy look. The Jump booties have an urban rock aesthetic and bold yet stylish details. All three of these ankle boots belong to the Vegan line, are made from Appleskin and are PETA certified.


All materials used for the production of footwear are strictly environmentally friendly in terms of their characteristics, sourcing methods, and manufacturing processes. Indeed, Womsh is constantly looking for ever greener and more ethical alternatives as part of its goal to ultimately succeed in using 100% waste or recycled materials to minimize their environmental impact.

This is why Womsh chose to focus on facts, action and results rather than flashy slogans. Such facts notably include its collaboration with LifeGate to offset CO2 emissions from the entire shoe production cycle, and its collaboration with Esosport to transform recycled footwear into shock-absorbing playground covers through the “Il Giardino di Betty” (Betty Garden) project. In addition, the company has an ongoing relationship with Favini, a supplier of Crush paper, the plastic-free paper used for Womsh packaging.

But the good impact doesn’t end here: keeping sustainability as a crucial aspect of the brand, on the 1st of July 2021, Womsh decided to choose 100% renewable energy supplied by LifeGate Energy. Womsh indeed is a great example of how business, respect for the environment, and circular design can harmonically coexist.

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