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January, 8th 2021

Dana and Ada, the mother daughter duo behind the luxury knitwear brand Sollisti is launching their latest collection for FW 20/21. With a focus on minimalism, sustainability and quality, Staiy is proud to spotlight some of the unique qualities and characteristics of this collection and why it is a brand we believe in.

Words By Gabrielle Hollenbeck

When it comes to high-quality knitwear, Sollisti lives by the approach “less is more”. But for this brand “less is more” means a lot more than just minimalistic design. Sollisti creates collections that are simplistic, modern and focused on sustainable sourcing, quality and production. Staiy is proud to announce the launch of the Fall-Winter 20/21 release of their latest work in The Minimal Collection by Sollisti

For this collection, a strong focus was put on a neutral color palette made of calm colors and solid black combinations to offer timeless style and comfort. This color palette also allows for the true star of the show to shine: wool. Sollisti uses high quality natural yarn, some being Australian Merino wool, Australian Untreated Sustainable Merino Wool, OEKO TEX 100 Class 1 Merino Wool, and Wool, Mohair & Silk blends. 

The reason why Australian wool is a quality and sustainable choice is that Australia maintains world class animal health and welfare standards, as well as having strict regional and national biosecurity programs to prevent the outbreak and spread of infectious diseases. There are many rigorous restrictions regarding certain herbicides and pesticides that can be used around Australian livestock, ensuring the quality of the wool and the safety of the sheep producing the wool. Wool in general is also a natural and renewable product as well as being biodegradable.

There are many other reasons why Sollisti seeks to showcase this beautiful material in its collection, and that includes softness, durability, resilience, anti-static, hypoallergenic, and non-odor absorbing qualities. In The Minimal Collection, there are no harmful chemicals or synthetic additions needed.


Sollisti also ensures that each piece is hand-knit, by hiring knitters from the founders local community of Wroclaw, Poland. The knitters are thus ensured fair wages and can work in a safe environment. The hand-knitted styles allow for precise attention and care, as well as detailed finishes to each and every piece of the collection. The handmade luxury knitwear in The Minimal Collection is sure to leave you feeling good about your purchase, but also with an effortless piece that will last you for years to come. Check out Sollisti’s latest collection here.