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Having a better world needs cooperation from all of us. Sustainable fashion is not an exception; for that, working with collaborations is crucial. Staiy have a partnership with 1% for the planet. The aim is to support accredited non-profit organization to implement environmental projects.

Words By Mayra Quispe Trejo


All began with a shared interest

One percent for the planet was created by two businessmen who became friends because of one thing they shared in common: the love for the outdoors. 

Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, dreamt about bringing together business and the protection of the environment. In fact, Mr Chouniard believed that companies should pay an “earth tax” for using natural resources.

The entire concept was materialized in 2002 when they created One Percent for the Planet, an organization where businesses and individuals support environmental projects. Companies commit to giving one percent of their gross sales, and individuals can donate either 1% of their salary, time valued at twenty-four dollars per hour or both. This turned out to be a significant movement and had positive reactions from all over the globe.

“This is not philanthropy. This should be a cost of doing business. It is paying rent for our use of the planet”

Yvon Chouinard

The more the merrier

Since the organization started running, more than four thousand members have signed up, and around two hundred seventy million dollars have been allocated to almost four thousand environmental non-profits. 

The invaluable help has reached ninety countries around the world. Among all the projects executed over the last five years, One percent for the Planet has helped with the wildfires in the United States and Australia in 2020. They provided immediate disaster relief and long-term solutions through collaboration with private and public initiatives. Some of those responses were post-fire reforestation, wildfire mitigation and raising awareness. In 2019, they supported a project focused on planting more than four million trees in six countries. In 2017, a partnership was made with the Australian Marine Conservation Society. The aim was to preserve Australia’s ocean and ecosystems by creating marine sanctuaries and promoting sustainable fishing. In 2015, they supported the protection of nine endangered species, and four hundred twenty thousand native Queuña trees were planted in Peru. 

Consequently, this movement has brought attention to more individuals, businesses and non-profits, all gathering together for one common goal: Protecting the environment and making sustainable business.

Staiy joined the change! 

Staiy’s commitment to Sustainability focuses on working towards a more sustainable fashion industry, thus promoting responsible consumption. In that logic, they have developed a sustainable high-standard evaluation. This system is based on facts and considers five factors: water, air, materials, working conditions and supply chain. 

At Staiy, it is essential to support environmental projects, and collaborations are an efficient way to reach common goals in the sustainable fashion arena. 

In 2020, Staiy joined One Percent for the planet. This means that at least 1% of its revenue goes to support environmental non-profits. To name an example, Staiy is currently backing four projects from One Tree Planted, a non-profit working on reforestation. Some of their principal activities are empowering women in Rwanda, restoring the Amazon rainforest in Peru, protecting endangered wildlife in Indonesia and providing a source for water in Kenya.

Join us!

As we can see, unity makes strength, and collaborations in the sustainable fashion sphere are crucial. 

We all can help. If you are asking how you could also join this movement, here is how: You can buy products from the Staiy platform. Next to every product you buy, there are Impact Points which you can choose to donate to one, or more, of the One Three Planted projects. Those points represent a monetary value, and thanks to them, Staiy contributes on average 1% of its revenues to these projects.

Join us and be an agent of change. Remember, there is no planet B.