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Having a must-have beach outfit that will last for this summer is great, having a must-have beach outfit that will last for every summer is essential!

Words By Ella van Niekerk


Every summer, we are informed by hundreds of magazines, blogs, and advertisements that there are certain ‘must haves’ for the season. We must have this color because it is trending now, we must have this bikini because it is so popular now, we must have this bag because it is in season now! 

What if we told you that there are certain must-haves that will be in every season, not only this one? What if we told you that you could buy must-haves that you could use every summer season?

Colors that are trendy every summer bikinis that are popular every summer, and bags that are in season every summer. The truth is, there are certain seasonal must-haves that are good for a few months, and then there are, what we like to call, forever must-haves. These are the products that do not go out of style, that have the quality that lasts, and that do not only make you feel absolutely gorgeous but help our planet stay gorgeous too. 

We have assembled for you an entire forever must-have beach outfit! An outfit that is sweet and salty, simple and sophisticated, strong and stylish. An outfit that has not only been crafted with love for you but also with love for our planet! From the bag to the bikini to the sunglasses, Staiy has got you covered, not only this summer but every summer to come.

Bucket hat Tigerlilly stripes big from TET Swimwear

Who doesn’t love a tasteful, timeless Tigerlilly bucket hat? The combination of long-standing stripes with a new saucy style ensures it is an absolute forever must-have, not to mention it keeps your skin safe, healthy, and happy. With completely organic materials and hand-made with love, the energy this hat brings every summerday is out of this world. 

Giles Sunglasses from Joplins

Sunglasses are not only summer essentials for eye protection but also an accessory that allows you to enhance your summer go-to look, making it a must-have for every season. The trickiest part is finding sunglasses that have a high enough quality so that they last for longer than one season. Giles sunglasses are not only sustainable in terms of production but also in terms of practicality. With bio-based acetate, 9 layers of protection, and in a walnut and wood color, there is no going wrong with these sunglasses this season, and every other season for that matter. These beauties will enhance any look you want to put out there, for this season and the next!

Portocelo Bikini from Nael

What do a red and white vichy checkered bikini and Taylor Swift have in common? They never go out of style! With a triangle top and high-waisted bottoms, the Portocelo bikini holds the perfect style for past, present, and future! This beautiful bikini comes with double fabric, adjustable shoulder straps, and back closure, all the features that put it at the top of the list for a forever must-have, and an essential go-to!

Grape Pip Dress from SIZ

A good summer dress is one that can go from day to night and from night to day. A great summer dress can go from day to night, night to day, and summer to summer. The Grape Pip dress is what we classify as a great summer dress. With baby blue and purple colors, an elastic waist, asymmetric hem, and different styled sleeves, this dress can take you anywhere, at any time! Style intact, the dress is also absolutely sustainable, produced organically and ethically with materials that are skin-friendly and planet-friendly. Who said every girl only needs to have a little black number?

Balloon Lemon Bag from JVISK

Is it really summer if you do not have that one fun, bubbly accessory that goes with everything and makes you and everyone around you smile? The answer is no, and the solution is the forever fun, soft pink Balloon Lemon Bag! This woven cotton, drawstring, hand-made bag comes with a wonderful wavy effect and has been embroidered with yellow lemon artwork. It is the most lovable forever must-have you could own! Think long bonfire nights or summer days spent around a pool floating on a pink flamingo;, this bag is the quintessential summer fun all rolled into one. 

CARLA Leather Sandal Cognac from The Cano Shoe

Having the right sandals that are comfortable and durable is non-negotiable to show off that pretty pedi! The CARLA Leather Sandal Cognac that Features the perfect blend of modern styles and traditional craftsmanship, is the epitome of a forever must-have! These stunning sandals are handmade using vegetable-tanned, breathable leather, and of course, a soft, cushioned insole. 

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