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From recycled fish nets and banana plants to ancient Mayan craftsmanship, these fashion brands are forging the path to conscious production in the industry. Staiy has assembled a selection of its partner brands that performed highest when tested against our rigorous sustainability criteria. Read on for a flavour of these wardrobe heroes…

Words By Marine Bochsler

November, 10th 2020

Vanilla Sand


Ranking number one across the board, this Portuguese eco-centric swimwear brand are smashing it on the sustainability front. Handcrafted by local artisan women in Portugal and Brazil, their swimwear range is created entirely from plastic waste rescued from the ocean and regenerated into soft and durable nylon and polyester textile. Infused with the playful spirit of Brazil’s carnival capital, each piece exudes a unique blend of vibrance and simplicity, with all colours achieved using natural plant dyes. We may have just waved goodbye to the final wisps of summer, but fear not! Vanilla Sand has created equally exquisite and mindful loungewear to keep those sweet summer vibes alive. Made from organic cotton and bamboo fibers, these pieces are doing their bit to prevent soil erosion and conserve water. Protecting the oceans, the earth, and local communities, Vanilla Sand is our go-to brand for all things summer.


NAE. No Animal Exploitation. The future of footwear lies in the heart of this brand’s philosophy. Capturing the essence of authentic Portuguese style and quality, NAE designs and creates shoes and accessories that embody love and respect for humans and other animals. Offering an array of shoes from sliders and sandals to boots and sneakers, each collection is available in a selection of their eco-conscious materials.

NAE Vegan Shoes, Barcelona

NAE Vegan Shoes

Pinatex, for instance, is a natural fiber made from pineapple leaf producing a highly durable material. Cork, yes, the same as you would find in your beloved Pinot Grigio bottle, is another plant-based textile harvested from cork oak trees and even has a negative carbon footprint. To create their bespoke vegan leather, the brand uses an innovative blend of synthetic microfibers from recycled cotton and PET. And for NAE’s secret ingredient, recycled car and aeroplane tyres!


Instilling more mindfulness into your morning flow, Berlin-born fashion label creates timeless and consciously designed yoga wear. With a minimalistic approach to fashion, Besonnen’s capsule collection pieces are designed to be effortlessly mixed and matched. Adopting a completely circular business model, all of their clothing is meticulously engineered using 100% recycled materials that are either biodegradable or can be further recycled without loss of quality. One of these is TENCEL™, an entirely decomposable fabric composed of regenerated cellulose fibers from eucalyptus, responsibly sourced of course! Designed with unmatched comfort and versatility in mind, these soft and supple pieces will become an integral part of your daily wardrobe.



Serving the world’s wanderers, Kmana combines ethics and aesthetics to create unique, gender-neutral leather travel bags and accessories. Conceptualised and produced in Bali and Singapore, these goods are carefully handcrafted using only vegetable-tanned leather sourced from local subsidence farmers. Committed to preserving cultural identity, each piece incorporates ancient weaving and dyeing techniques. The nature of these processes means no two pieces are the same. Recognised for its exceptional innovation and environmental performance, this family-run brand is an accredited member of the Positive Luxury fashion community. Promoting local economic, social and cultural development, Kmana proves to be an outstanding embodiment of the fashion revolution.



Where sculpture meets fashion, meets sustainability. Marita Moreno’s statement shoes and accessories are true works of art constructed with endogenous resources and infused with traditional Portuguese textiles, the brand’s native land. All of their materials are certified as ethically sourced and of the highest quality, and include wool, cork, bioleather, and even Bananatex – a waterproof fabric made from banana trees! With social responsibility at its core, the brand collaborates with certified craftsmen and a small family-run factory to produce their items with the utmost care and attention.

Marita Moreno


Boots rich in the cultural history of Mexico, CANO’s shoes preserve the unique craftsmanship of huaraches – a traditional woven leather sandal. On a mission to empower artisans, fairness and trust in its partners are the brand’s number one priority, followed closely by their commitment to the environment. Harnessing ancient indigenous knowledge, their ethically sourced leather is vegetable tanned over an extensive 28-day period. Similarly, the soles are expertly crafted from natural rubber crepe that is entirely biodegradable. From huarache sandals to charro boots, step into these ageless shoes and into a world of mariachi and Mayans.



Paving the way for cutting-edge, sustainable fashion, this brand offers the Phyne-est quality streetwear and wardrobe essentials. Every piece is developed through relentless research and continual optimisation. Using only certified organic cotton and TENCEL™, Phyne apparel is designed to retain shape, color and softness even after years of wear; and as they say, “twice the life of a product = 50% less CO2 emissions”! With short transport routes, FSC-certified packaging, and a fully transparent production line, the brand is certainly committed to a conscious growth mindset. Shop Phyne and join the streetwear revolution.